Impact Facility
Hi-Speed impact testing facility. Typical velocities are around 300m/s.
Impact Experiments and Numerical Models
Evaluation of Ballistic Limit and Damage
Material Characterization
Specialty material testing and characterization, using international standards (ISO, ASTM, etc.)
Material Characterization
Prediction and Validation of Effective Composite Properties at Laminate Level
Piezoelectric Applications
Structural Health Monitoring Techniques
Active and Morphing Structures Facility
Experimental investigation of SMA-based active and morphing structures.
Shape Memory Alloy Applications
Morphing Structures
Coupon Fabrication and Instrumentation
Coupon fabrication and instrumentation following international standards (ISO, ASTM, etc.) and successful practices.
Nanoscale Modeling
Nanomechanics simulation and development of specialty numerical tools.
Hi-Speed Imaging and DIC
HiSpeed imaging can achive framerates up to 500k fps. Acquired images can be post-processed by specialty Digital Image Correlation software (GOM Aramis)

The Lab Group is lead by Prof. Dimitris Saravanos and supported by active researchers and trainee students.

Research Faculty PostDoc Fellows PhD Candidates
  • Dr. Theodoros Machairas
  • Grigoris Chatziathanasiou
  • Grigoris Kardarakos
  • Dimitris Dimitriou
Students Former PhD Candidates  Partners
  • Orestis Manolakis
  • Xristos Trapatselis
  • Romanos Tzounakos
  • Sarri Katerina
  • Konstantinos Tsiaktanis
  • Giorgos Patsantzopoulos
  • Lambros Nteskos
  • Nikos Stavrou
  • Dr. Dimitris Varelis