The impact testing facility composed of:hailstone A

  • A gas cannon that operates with pressurized nitrogen.
  • A protective polycarbonate chamber, practically bulletproof.
  • High-speed imaging apparatus, up to 500k fps.

The facility is capable of:

  • Ultra High Frequency signal generation and acquisition systems (1-10MHz).
  • High Frequency (1-1MHz) amplifier for active piezoceramic sensor pairs.
  • High-speed 3D digital image correlations (DIC) providing data for full-field deformation and strain distributions
  • Laser Doppler Vibrometer (Polytek) non-conduct sensor with high velocity and displacement resolution, and high sampling-frequency (300ksamples/sec).

The Group is experienced in:

  • Coupon Fabrication with the Resin Transfer Mold method (RTM)
  • Material Characterization considering established standards (ASTM, etc.)


The Shape Memory Alloys & Morphing Structures Lab is employed for:

  • Thermomechanical testing and stabilization of SMA actuators
  • Active Shape and Vibration Control
  • High-speed, high-precision dynamic data acquisition systems

  • Acceleration (1D and 3D), force, strain and temperature measurement
  • Impact force excitation through a range of impact hammers (miniature to heavy)
  • Continuous force excitation (6lb and 50lb electromagnetic shakers)
  • 8- and 4-channel high-speed dynamic data acquisition & spectral analyzer systems
  • Modal frequency, damping and mode shapes measurement
  • Composite Damping Characterization