State-of-the-art computational methods

Our laboratory has spent a lot of effort for the development of state-of-the-art numerical methods for the efficient simulation of static and dynamic phenomena in composite structures. The Finite Wavelet Domain (FWD) method has been constructed and pioneering wavelet-based elements using Daubechies scaling functions as basis functions have been created. Moreover, the Time Domain Spectral Finite Element (TDSFE) method has been formed and efficient multi-nodal spectral elements have been employed.

  1. Finite Wavelet Domain method
    • Finite Wavelet Domain (FWD) method for the Simulation of Composite Structures and Microstructured Materials in Static and Dynamic Phenomena.
    • Related Publication(s):
      C. V. Nastos, T. C. Theodosiou, C. S. Rekatsinas, D. A. Saravanos, "A 2D Daubechies finite wavelet domain method for transient wave response analysis in shear deformable laminated composite plates", Computational Mechanics 62 (5), 1187-1198, 2018.

  2. Time Domain Spectral Finite Element method