Design and Manufacturing
The Group is highly trained on the whole manufacturing process; from concept to final product.
Coupon Fabrication and Instrumentation
Coupon fabrication and instrumentation following international standards (ISO, ASTM, etc.) and successful practices.
Nanoscale Modeling
Nanomechanics simulation and development of specialty numerical tools.
Damage Simulation
Development of specialty Finite Elements and numerical tools for the simulation of damage initiation and propagation in composites.
Active and Morphing Structures Facility
Experimental investigation of SMA-based active and morphing structures.
Modeling of Morphing Structures
Numerical modeling and simulations of morphing structures and components.
Damped Composites
Experimental investigation of composites damping.
Material Characterization
Specialty material testing and characterization, using international standards (ISO, ASTM, etc.)
Composite Bridge
Design, manufacturing and testing of a bridge fully made of advanced composites.
Quality Assessment
Investigation of fabricated specimens using C-Scan facility for the identification of damage and impurities.
Hi-Speed Imaging and DIC
HiSpeed imaging can achive framerates up to 500k fps. Acquired images can be post-processed by specialty Digital Image Correlation software (GOM Aramis)
Impact Facility
Hi-Speed impact testing facility. Typical velocities are around 300m/s.

 Antigoni Barouni

Antigoni Barouni, PhD
Mechanical & Aeronautics Engineer

Contact info:

Faculty of Engineering and the Environment
Southampton Highfield Campus
University of Southampton, University Road
Southampton, SO16 7QF, UK

Tel: +44 (0) 2380593637

barouni [AT] mech [DOT] upatras [DOT] gr

Biographical Notes

She received the Diploma of Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering at the University of Patras in 2005. During her undergraduate studies, she participated at the European Project "Leonardo da Vinci" and worked on the design and analysis of composite structures in Kaiserslautern, Germany. She has completed her PhD thesis on Semi-analytical wave propagation models in composite plates of general laminations for SHM applications.